Veritas a Trustworthy Company for the sixth time!

For the sixth time in a row, Veritas Group received the national certificate of a Trustworthy Company.

The “Trustworthy Company” certificate is awarded to entrepreneurs with an impeccable reputation among customers and contractors. In order to receive the Certificate, you must pass a rigorous opinion survey conducted by the employees of the initiative.

Our extensive experience and professionalism is evidenced primarily by the positive opinions of customers and associates. We have employed over 5,000 satisfied carers for the elderly so far.

Veritas Group’s activities are carried out comprehensively. We offer the highest quality of services and help our carers. We deal with the full organization of carers’ trips to work in Germany, while cooperating with German families and intermediaries. Especially for you, we collect reliable, proven employment offers, adjust them to your expectations and make sure that contracts are concluded on favorable and – most importantly – safe terms.

Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Drezdenko

Our girls from the Drezdenko office are in a positive mood today.

  • Dorota Jachimowicz has been in the company for 1.5 years, she loves working and talking to people. After work, she spends his free time in the garden taking care of plants. She likes cycling and a good movie.
  • Magda Kłosko with the company for 3 years. She loves dogs and house plants. In her spare time he photographs, and during the summer months she takes advantage of the opportunity to swim in the nearby lakes.

Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Kłodzko

Today we present to you our team from Kłodzko, based in Międzylesie. During the favorable weather conditions, the girls went to the courtyard of the Castle. While visiting the picturesque Kłodzko Valley, we invite you to our office, where you will meet:

  • Kinga Tłustochowicz – with Veritas for 5 years. Currently the head of the branch. She spends her free time with her family, recharges her batteries during hiking trips with her pet. A fan of healthy cuisine. Graduate of German philology and administration.
  • Ewa Ratuszniak-Gładysz- at Veritas for 3 years as a recruitment specialist. Passionate about kanzashi and handicrafts, fashion and beauty. In her spare time he conquers mountains. A lover of cinematography and Italian cuisine.
  • Agnieszka Mizerska- with Veritas for 3 years as a recruitment specialist. She loves to spend her free time with her children during joint hiking and biking tours. A fan of motorization, fast driving, a relentless cook looking for new culinary paths.
  • Joanna Szłapa – with Veritas for 2 years, as a recruitment assistant. A graduate of management. As a perfect housewife, she loves the warmth of the hearth. Passionate about tailoring, handicrafts and gardening. Soothing music with a cup of good coffee brings her moments of relaxation.

Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Białystok

Today we present to you our team from Białystok. On this sunny day, the girls went to the Branicki Palace 🙂

  • Joanna Wróblewska – with the Veritas company for 9 months. Currently, she is fulfilling the position of a junior recruitment specialist. She eagerly goes on bicycle trips around the picturesque Podlasie region. She also enjoys active recreation by the water. Recently, a happy owner of the dog.
  • Sylwia Zalewska – with Veritas since September last year. She is currently working as a Junior Recruitment Specialist. She loves to develop, which is why she is currently completing postgraduate studies and attending foreign language classes. Proud owner of two cats and a dog, and a lover of swimming.
  • Paulina Rabiczko – has been working at Veritas for a year as a recruitment specialist. Passionate about mountain hiking and horse riding. She recharges her batteries in nature. In her free time, she loves to watch crime novels and recently designing the interiors of houses.

Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Gdynia

Meet our recruiters from Pomorze:

  • Zuzanna Chmielewska – with the Veritas company for over 3 years, currently she is the manager of the Gdynia branch. She loves long hiking trips in the nature and good food. In every free moment she puts on headphones, which play music and podcasts. She loves animals – a parrot and a dog are part of her family.
  • Aleksandra Mielewczyk- with Veritas for over 1.5 years. She likes to challenge herself and pursue them. Great travel enthusiast. She spends her free time reading books, watching TV series and being physically active. She enjoys trying out new, unfamiliar dishes.
  • Honorata Wiśniewska – associated with the care industry for 5 years, she has been working at Veritas for 3 years. She likes working with people, she will always help and support with a good word. She loves traveling – both small and large.
  • Klaudia Mozoluk – she has been working as an assistant for six months. Passionate about organizing her own trip routes, focusing on the culinary aspects of a given region. The day starts and ends with a long walk with your puppy. In her free time, she mainly cooks and tests new recipes among her loved ones.

Health Town 2022

We are back with the third edition of the Health Town!

It is a pro-social initiative organized on a national scale, aimed at popularizing prophylaxis, research and caring for a healthy lifestyle. The entire project is based on an event organized in a publicly accessible city space, where specialists in various medical fields come out with their offer of examinations and consultations free of charge. This project is aimed at all social groups and its organizer is the Veritas Foundation. We are starting the series of events in 8 Polish cities in Wrocław, where in front of the Magnolia Park Shopping Center on April 28, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. you will be able to take advantage of a wide and varied research offer.

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Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Radom

Today we visited our team from the Radom office. Pictured here are our wonderful recruits with floral compositions!

  • Tomasz Krawczyk – with Veritas for 5 years, knows the industries very well. He will find an answer to every question and will always help. In his free time, he is passionate about the gym and floristics. He is also very fond of Italian cuisine and loves the Italian football club AC Milan.
  • Emilia Pipa – she has been working for the company for 1.5 years. A lover of travel, both small and large. In her spare time, she likes reading books or watching movies, preferably on crime. In the office she is our oasis of peace.
  • Jakub Woźniak- in Veritas he has been with us since January this year. He likes working in a group and talking to people, which is why he fully finds himself in the new position. His greatest passion is crossfit and snowboarding, he likes active recreation.
  • Karolina Janek – she has been working in the recruitment process for over 2 years. She loves adrenaline and rides motorcycles in her spare time, also likes to cook. Active recreation by the water gives her great joy. She is very fond of animals, especially bees, because she loves honey.

Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Toruń

Today we would like to introduce you to our wonderful team from the Toruń office:

  • Paulina Masłowska – has been taking her first steps at Veritas as an assistant for a month now. After work, she actively works as a volunteer in an animal shelter. She has adopted two cats herself. Additionally, she is interested in electroradiology and anatomy. Literature is an important part of her interests, which is why she is always eagerly waiting for the next parts of her favorite novels.
  • Anna Lück – associated with Veritas for 4 years. Every day she is full of energy and enthusiasm, never giving up. Her greatest passion is canoeing, which she has been training since childhood, and for 2 years she has been testing her abilities on the tennis court.
  • Katarzyna Chmielewska – for 2 years at Veritas, she has been developing her wings in recruitment. Outside of work, she does not slow down, continuing her passions such as small and large journeys. She discovers local corners as well as conquers world metropolises, returning with a wealth of impressions and memories. At home, she eagerly reads new publications or looks after her conservatory.
  • Milena Chojnacka – a volcano of energy and the essence of a good joke. Her adventure with Veritas began six months ago. Her energy and sense of humor fill us with daily optimism. She is passionate about good cuisine, books and winter sports. She spends her free time in the bosom of nature.
  • Tomasz Jurkiewicz – with Veritas for 3 years. Every day a refuge of peace and the voice of common sense in Toruń’s office with both feet down to the ground. Privately, an expert and an excellent specialist in various sports fields, a fan of good cuisine and black humor.
  • Dorota Wiśniewska – with Veritas for 5 years, knows the industry inside out. There is no problem she cannot solve. After work, she is extremely active, loves cycling and Nordic walking, but her two greatest passions are traveling and the production of ceramic dishes.

Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Słupsk

It is time to present recruiters in our office in Słupsk:

  • Agnieszka Smoniowska – a voice of self-control and reason, her many years of experience in working with seniors means that she can find advice in any situation that may appear at the shed. Agnieszka is interested in psychology, history of the 20th century, gardening and interior design. She laughs very loudly and it doesn’t bother us at all!
  • Alicja Stenka – a lover of good cuisine, who can eat a lot like nobody else and at the same time not gain weight. Alicja is also interested in fashion and the office employees admire her everyday styles. In the office, she solves all mathematical puzzles for us, and the tutors praise her quick response time and commitment to the search for the best orders.
  • Łukasz Cyrankowski – associated with the industry for several years, he has also gained experience in direct care for seniors in Poland and Germany, in the office in Słupsk, the main logistics specialist, an undisturbed refuge of peace but also an incorrect joker no.1, loves to cook, ride a bicycle and is a great friend of animals .
  • Arleta Wolska – fresh in our team, which is still a big mystery for us. Arleta has experience in working with seniors. She is a typical realist, interested in politics and geography. She likes reading books and spends his free time in the woods – whatever that means.

Flower Women’s Day with Veritas Group

After a pandemic break, we returned with an event that attracted great interest from our carers: FLOWER WOMEN’S DAY – “Bloom in Spring with Veritas Group”.

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