warsztaty dla dzieci

Akademia Potencjałów starts its activity in January

In January Veritas Foundation launched a new project called Akademia Potencjałów. In our new headquarters in Wrocław, we are starting the first edition of free workshops for children. We cordially invite you to take part in various workshops!

Akademia potencjalow

Workshops for children at Akademia Potencjałów


Veritas Foundation have created a place where our volunteers we conduct free workshops for children. Anyone willing will be able to sign up.

The Veritas Foundation is well aware of the fact that you need to help kids develop their skills. That is why Akademia Potencjałów was established, we want to show children to use their talents creatively. Show them to have fun and learn while using their boundless energy.


All classes have been described in detail on our website, you can sign up via the contact form here: Akademia Potencjałów – registration.

The workshops are intended for young children and teenagers. Information about the age group and descriptions of individual workshops can be found on our website.

We cordially invite you to take part in these meetings!