fundacja veritas

Establishment of the Veritas Foundation

Addressing the needs of people in difficult situation, the Veritas Foundation was established in November 2019. It is based in Wrocław, while the activity is conducted all over Poland.

The aim of those connected with the Veritas Foundation is to support those in need in their difficult circumstances. The assistance is provided in order for the vulnerable to regain vital forces and the motivation to live an independent life.

fundacja veritas

The scope of charity activity includes among others:

  • organizing the events connected with supporting those in need,
  • direct material support,
  • assistance in social development,
  • organizing charity events for example within the cooperation with animal shelters,
  • organizing ecological events for the planet, supporting culture and art.


Veritas Foundation supports charity activities concerning children, persons with disabilities, adults as well as animals. We help those in difficult life situation regain vital forces and the joy of life. Those connected with the activity of the foundation value empathy, openness and mutual cooperation the most.