Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Białystok

Today we present to you our team from Białystok. On this sunny day, the girls went to the Branicki Palace 🙂

  • Joanna Wróblewska – with the Veritas company for 9 months. Currently, she is fulfilling the position of a junior recruitment specialist. She eagerly goes on bicycle trips around the picturesque Podlasie region. She also enjoys active recreation by the water. Recently, a happy owner of the dog.
  • Sylwia Zalewska – with Veritas since September last year. She is currently working as a Junior Recruitment Specialist. She loves to develop, which is why she is currently completing postgraduate studies and attending foreign language classes. Proud owner of two cats and a dog, and a lover of swimming.
  • Paulina Rabiczko – has been working at Veritas for a year as a recruitment specialist. Passionate about mountain hiking and horse riding. She recharges her batteries in nature. In her free time, she loves to watch crime novels and recently designing the interiors of houses.