Presentation of Veritas recruiters: Słupsk

It is time to present recruiters in our office in Słupsk:

  • Agnieszka Smoniowska – a voice of self-control and reason, her many years of experience in working with seniors means that she can find advice in any situation that may appear at the shed. Agnieszka is interested in psychology, history of the 20th century, gardening and interior design. She laughs very loudly and it doesn’t bother us at all!
  • Alicja Stenka – a lover of good cuisine, who can eat a lot like nobody else and at the same time not gain weight. Alicja is also interested in fashion and the office employees admire her everyday styles. In the office, she solves all mathematical puzzles for us, and the tutors praise her quick response time and commitment to the search for the best orders.
  • Łukasz Cyrankowski – associated with the industry for several years, he has also gained experience in direct care for seniors in Poland and Germany, in the office in Słupsk, the main logistics specialist, an undisturbed refuge of peace but also an incorrect joker no.1, loves to cook, ride a bicycle and is a great friend of animals .
  • Arleta Wolska – fresh in our team, which is still a big mystery for us. Arleta has experience in working with seniors. She is a typical realist, interested in politics and geography. She likes reading books and spends his free time in the woods – whatever that means.